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Our Values


We believe that love is one of the most important values that a person can have and investing in the people around you and in your community is one of the most rewarding and important tasks in your life. To love life, is to love your life, others lives, and to work to make this world a better place for the generations to come. We model this through our actions and interactions with our youths and reinforce it through their interactions amongst their peers.


Our program creates an environment where our youths are nurtured to being open minded to the uniqueness of others. Through engaging with each other on and off the mats our students learn that some else's uniqueness is an asset to their growth and development.


Hard work

Hard work is one of the most fundamental qualities that you see in every success story. Through constant experiences with hard work and struggle, whether that be in hard training sessions, a particular subject at school, or failing to achieve a goal, our youths work to learn that any goal can be achieved if you are willing to constantly work hard and dedicate yourself to it.



We teach that discipline is the ability to do what is necessary to complete tasks at the highest level while contributing to the achievement of your goals regardless of how you personally feel about it. Everyday is a new opportunity to get better at all aspects of our lives, our youths work diligently to set and maintain high standards and accountability in their own lives.

Self Love/Self Aggrandizement

It can be argued that being a child today is harder than it has ever been. As great of a resource that social media is in our world today, it has also contributed to the highest rates of childhood depression, anxiety, and suicide. We believe that self love and self investment is extremely important to our youths development. Through their experiences in our program they are challenged, forced to confront failure, mentored and coached on how to persevere. As they learn that they can overcome obstacles, and get better at things that they once struggled with, that breeds the confidence to try new things and seek new experiences. Confidence is a trait that only people who believe in themselves possess. Our staff works hand in hand with our youth to help cultivate this in ourselves.



So much of who we are is shaped by the community that we come from. Our program works diligently to teach our youth the value of cultivating the community around them. through physical and mental training, community involvement, STEM activities and being active members of each other's daily lives we learn that our lives are so much better when we share them with the people around us.


Failure is Important

In today’s society, seeking challenges and embracing failure is often substituted with rudimentary activities with no possible risk of failure; therefore, the ability to handle failure is a skill that is lacking in many of our youth. We teach our youths that failure is the most essential component to growth. It’s an opportunity to make improvements and adjustments before trying again. Through our programs we create an arena that gives our youth an opportunity to come face to face with and assess their failures, create a new action plan, and to try it again. By learning to implement this philosophy in every facet of their lives our students are constantly working to embrace their failures as an opportunity to get better.


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