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About Us

Our Challenge


To find a way to provide dependable educational resources for the youth in the Belair-Edison neighborhood of Baltimore. With a lack of out of school programming, there was no blueprint in place to provide a platform for children to succeed.



Our Foundation


Our organization was founded by a Baltimore City Public Teacher that saw the children he taught during the school day with little to no programs to participate in after school hours were over. Built on accountability and mentorship, The Agoge Project provides boxing, mixed martial arts, gardening, nutrition, and school tutoring in a positive and supportive environment.


Our Growth


The Agoge Project has partnered with Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc. and has garnered support from parents, local businesses, elected officials and most importantly, the youth. Our team has been working aggressively and fundraising to complete our move-in to a brand-new space in Belair-Edison. We are expanding our curriculum to include creative art focuses like photography, film, music, as well as financial literacy courses, graphic design and culinary arts. The gym and size of the space will allow the children of Baltimore to have a safe haven and supportive environment to succeed.


Make a Donation

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