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January 2022 Newsletter

Janurary 1, 2022 by Michael John


We just want to wish everyone a Happy New year and the best of success in 2022. Covid has impacted us all in many ways personally and professionally. As an organization in 2021 we had many successes and just as many challenges and delays. As many of you who have been following our story know that we were hoping to be open in July of 2021 but with COVID, financial restrictions, and many delays with the development of our new facility...

Fox45 Feature

Fighting Violence with Martial Arts

November 26, 2022 by Hannah Boettcher and Drew Fox


It's a martial arts group looking to help Baltimore kids fight violence, by teaching fighting techniques.

The Agoge Project isn't just teaching boxing and Jujitsu, it's teaching respect and discipline, to try to change the culture of violence in Baltimore.

Building for God


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